Choosing a Surveillance Camera

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Surveillance cameras have become part of everyday modern life, they can be found not only on the streets and in businesses, but now also in our homes. They have become an integral part of keeping ourselves and property safe, and advances in technology have meant cameras have become smaller, sleeker and easier to use than ever before.

Previously it wasn't possible to monitor an area without using a highly visible, bulky camera and these used to be good enough to deter potential criminal activity. However, as cameras increased in numbers it seemed to take the edge of their effectiveness somewhat. With modern cameras being so much smaller and more discreet, and with the advent of wireless surveillance cameras, it has become possible to monitor any area without drawing attention to the fact it is under watch, and this has led to much more effective surveillance.

Choosing the right surveillance camera for your requirements is important, there are many different types of camera on the market, and it is easy to purchase something that isn't quite right for the job. Most stores that specialise in surveillance cameras will be able to assist you in deciding what type of camera will best suit your needs. If you don't feel confident walking into a store and talking to a sales assistant about something you know very little about, then do some online research to find out what sort of cameras are available and what sort of situations they are suitable for monitoring. You can then go to a store with a little bit of knowledge and perhaps even an idea of the type of camera you would like.

Wireless surveillance cameras are one of the latest additions to the surveillance camera market, and bring with them a flexibility never possible before. The very fact that they come with their own power supplies, and don't need to be wired into anything, means they can be quickly and discreetly placed almost anywhere to keep a watchful eye on things. Of course the prices of this type of technology vary widely, and the more you want from your camera, the more it is going to cost. This doesn't mean that you can't get a good surveillance system at a good price, as there are some very good budget systems available. However if you are looking for something a bit more advanced then you can expect to find the prices getting higher as the technology gets greater.

A few good questions to help you on your way are: Do you want black and white or colour? What kind of receiver range are you looking at (i.e. how far away is the monitor going to be from the camera)? Do you want the images to be recorded or just monitored live? If you want them recorded, what type of media do you want them on? Do you need crystal clear images or will a slightly poorer quality suffice? Having a think about these things can really help you when you start looking at the descriptions of surveillance systems and their capabilities, and will mean that you get the right camera for the job first time.

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Choosing a Surveillance Camera

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This article was published on 2010/03/29